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You've felt it before. Even if you've managed to avoid it,
you know someone else who hasn't been so lucky.

What are we talking about? The anxiety experienced when you make a credit decision, only to find out too late that the report you had didn’t cover the last year of stomach-churning drops in the company’s credit rating — that sudden, looming realization that you might never get the money for that sale.

Ansonia's expertise is to make sure you never feel this again.

Your business needs accurate, flexible business credit reports. You need them FAST and up-to-date... and you want them to be highly affordable. We are the NEW credit reporting service that is bending over backward to give our clients exactly what they need.

See the difference.
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Why Our Data is Better

Our Data
is Unique

We collect data from all types of businesses — from Mom & Pop all the way to Fortune 500. Our state-of-the-art platform enables us to accept data files that other business credit companies cannot.

Our unique database translates to more relevant information, which translates into you making better credit decisions and making more money. Many businesses find that Ansonia’s core business credit report is the only credit risk decision tool they need.

Our Data
is Fresh

What would happen if you gave a customer a large amount of credit, only to find out too late that the report you had didn’t cover the latest stomach-churning drops in the company’s credit history? You may have a sudden, looming realization that you might never get the money for that sale.

Ansonia to the rescue! Unlike many other credit reporting companies, we continuously update our database 24/7, ensuring the freshest data possible. And with a click of a button, you can get the latest judgements and public records. This is our expertise — to lessen your anxiety over future credit decisions.

We Do Not Buy
Our Trade Data

There are some business credit reporting companies that buy, repackage and resell other credit reporting companies' data. We collect our own up-to-date and reliable data and don't sell it to other companies. Nor do we buy data reports from other companies. Our database is unique and secure.

We Do NOT Own or Partner With A Collection Company

Some credit companies partner with collection agencies and may have conflicting business dealings. We are strictly in the business of providing credit data intelligence to businesses.

It's the only thing we do and we do it well. You can depend on us to ALWAYS give you accurate information that will benefit your business.

Up-to-Date and Accurate

We are very pleased with the quality and reliability of Ansonia’s credit information. The information is always up-to-date and accurate, and obtaining credit reports is a very simple and fast process. Furthermore, the level of personal support and service we receive from Ansonia is top-notch. We are extremely fortunate to consider Ansonia as a trusted and valued partner in the transportation industry — they definitely help make our job easier!”

—Eric Belk, Vice President
Match Factors

Members who provide data receive up to a 40% discount on their business credit reports.

No Finance Degree Needed

Have you noticed that reports from the other business credit report companies are extremely hard to read? You need to learn about a customer's credit worthiness fast. But you're stuck wasting time trying to figure out a report that is full of numbers, but doesn't tell you much.

It's difficult to tell a good customer from a bad one. There may be a note the customer was 90 days delinquent on a payment, but you are not told if that was years ago with just a single slow payment, or if the customer is delinquent all the time. And hey, if you can't find out what you want to know NOW, the report is worthless. You might as well flip a coin.

This hurts your business. You may take a chance on a customer who winds up burning your company. On the other hand, you might pass on somebody that would be a great customer — and you lose the sale.

Ansonia saw this problem and fixed it. Our reports are extremely easy to read. We go the extra mile to make sure ALL the numbers make sense. And we are sticklers for assuring you have the exact stats you need when you need them.

No Pre-Paid Contract Required

Annual contracts are devised to lock people in long term. Other business credit reporting companies encourage you to give everyone in your company access to their information — the more employees running reports, the better.

And when contract renewal time comes, they pull out a 10 pound stack of all the invoices you pulled to support why you can’t live without them. Oh, and buy the way, your price goes up.

Often they will offer a business a three-year contract with price escalations. So they lock you in, guarantee themselves a nice revenue increase each year, all while selling the exact same report.

Why should you agree to pay 3-5 percent more over a period of 3 years for the exact same report? If it’s the same report, why should you have to pay more from year to year? Are the reports giving you more value? We offer you a better solution.

With Ansonia, you only pay for what you use. No long term contracts. No escalating fees over time. And to top it off, members who provide data receive a discount of up to 40% on their business credit reports. You get the accurate, easy-to-access credit reports you need at a dramatic savings.

Additionally, members who provide data receive up to a 40% discount on their business credit reports.

Customizable Reports Lead to Better, Faster Credit Decisions


Watch the video below to see how your report would work.
commercial credit reports

You Can't Go Wrong with Ansonia

When Transwest Capital first started out we were using another credit data company to verify the credit-worthiness of our debtors. While we were not unhappy with the company, we did not know what we were missing until we signed up with Ansonia Credit Data. After switching to Ansonia, we started to realize that the information we were previously using was not as fresh as advertised. With Ansonia, we know we are receiving the most up-to-date and in-depth look at a debtor’s credit-worthiness. In a word, we had become complacent with the previous company, trusting that their data would help us protect our receivables. It did, to a point. Now, we feel as if we have a partner watching our backs 24/7. Coupled with the customer service the staff at Ansonia provides, you can’t go wrong with Ansonia Credit Data.”

—Brian Cummings, Operations Manager
Transwest Capital

We Can Integrate With Your Software

We welcome special programming requests. Have you ever tried to get a customized project with one of our competitors? One of our current clients signed a contract with our competitor to provide a customer-facing online credit application.

Our client worked with that company for over an entire year, and failed to receive a working product. We took this project on from scratch, and had the entire process ready to go in just two months.

Businesses run lean shops. Employees are generally expected to do more and more in a finite number of hours per day. Automation/integration is the key.

With our 21-st century, state-of-the-art technology, we easily integrate with any software. We can “push” data intelligence to our customers to help them streamline their processes. These kinds of tools mean you don’t have to pay someone to sit at a desk and look at credit app after credit app and run one report at a time.


Live People Answer Our Phones

This really shouldn’t merit a mention. After all, it’s common sense that a company would take calls from their clients so they could help them and provide great customer service. Right? Wrong.

Most calls to our competitors seem to be sucked into a pit where voicemails go to die, leaving you stranded and without help. Fortunately, that’s not how we operate.

It’s a point of pride for us to pick up the phone when you call and to give you as much help as you want. So if you don’t want to feel like you’re alone in the dark, give us a call now at 1-855-267-6642 to let us shine some light on your situation.


Ansonia Clearly has the
Advanced, Customer-Oriented
Business Credit Reports You Need

By combining top-notch, highly reliable credit reports with caring customer service and BIG savings — Ansonia is rapidly becoming the first choice for businesses of all sizes.

See the difference.
Try our free credit
report today.

•  Verify a new customer
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•  See the difference

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Grab This Powerful Arsenal Of Business Credit Reporting Tools That Only Ansonia Can Give You:

Become one of the new savvy business owners who use Ansonia and profit from the following:

•  Ansonia Sells Only Business Data – we only concentrate on business credit reports.

•  Ansonia’s Business Data is Always Fresh, not Stale – We update 24/7.

•  Ansonia Does Not Resell Your Data – Your customer data is safe with us.

•  Ansonia Works With Everybody – From small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.

•  Ansonia Collects Unique Data – We collect data the big guys can’t even touch.

•  Ansonia’s Reports Are Easy To Read – You’ll know exactly how your customer pays.

•  Ansonia’s Reports Are Customized – You decide on what data is important to you.

•  No Prepaid Contract Required – You are not tied down, wasting money.

•  We Keep It Simple – Anybody can read our reports and understand them.

•  Live People Answer Our Phones – The others don’t, nor do they care to.

•  We Do Not Own Or Partner With A Collection Company – We provide unbiased data.

•  Customizable Software Integration – We integrate with any software you run.

•  Automation Is The Key – Request as few or as many reports as you want.

We're here to get you started.
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Credit Report For A Business Articles


5 Ways to Reduce DSO

Most businesses focus on improving their cash flow. After all, cash flow is what keeps a business afloat.One way to improve your cash flow is to reduce DSO, or Days Sales Outstanding. This is a calculation of how quickly, or slowly, a company collects on their accounts receivable. By reducing your DSO, you will effectively improve your cash flow position.

Here are 5 great ways to reduce DSO and get more cash into your pockets.

5 Tips to Reduce DSO

1) Work on timely and accurate billing

Obviously, the longer it takes for the customer to receive their invoice, the longer it will take for you to get paid.Invoices should be sent out immediately upon receipt of goods, or services rendered, and payment terms should be clearly noted. Be certain to verify the correct billing address to avoid an invoice being lost in the shuffle. There are many companies that now accept electronic invoicing take advantage of this option if possible to remove mail time from the equation altogether.

2) Offer payment incentives

Offering discounted terms incentivizes quicker payments.You could offer a discount for paying within 10 days when your normal terms are net 30. Speeding up your cash-flow, allowing for the purchase of additional materials, services and savings on loan fees can greatly off-set the nominal discount provided. The amount of discount and time frame is obviously up to you. Choose what makes the most sense for your business.

3) Make sure terms are clear

In some cases, part of the problem for slow payment is due to confusion with your payment terms. Be sure that they are clearly and simply stated.Every business that invoices should have agreed upon payment terms. These should be stated up front and listed on every invoice. Be sure to include these in any contract or agreement you make with a customer. Also, clearly mark the due date on each invoice in order to emphasize to the customer when you expect payment.

Proactively, your collection department might even want to give the customer a call when they are getting close to the due date as a friendly reminder. Any pricing or service disputes can be handled prior to the invoice going delinquent.

4) Do your due diligence when extending credit to a new customer

An accurate business credit report, pulled prior to extending credit to a new customer, is fundamental in reducing your credit riskKnowing the payment trends of your customers will help you to make a sound credit granting decision when considering your DSO target. If a customer clearly pays outside your terms, consider placing them on a cash only basis.

Utilizing the payment information, provided by your credit peers on a business credit report, can provide you with a much clearer picture of the payment trends of your potential customer.

5) Walk away from bad customers, or at least re-structure their terms

Admittedly, this is an extreme step, however, there may be cases where one or two extremely slow-paying customers end up dragging down your DSO.Before making such a drastic decision, take the time to evaluate what dealing with their account is costing you each month. When you determine this number, compare it to their profitability. Is it worth it?

Try working with the sales representative on the account to restructure the payment terms and arrangements. Joining forces with your sales team and understanding the risk/reward on both sides will provide a stronger front to the customer if more drastic measures need to be taken.

Focusing on ways to reduce DSO is incredibly important. It has the potential to pay you back many times over.

Start with a plan, implement the steps needed and watch your cash-flow improve.


You Can Find More Information at http://Ansoniacreditdata.Com/

Call Us Today at: 1-855-267-6642

Accounts Receivable Management: When Good Customers Go Bad

Business relationships are built on trust. Initially a business credit report may be pulled in order to establish creditworthiness. Over time, as credit lines are extended and paid, that trust can grow into a valuable working relationship: one which extends beyond services rendered and payments made. In fact, relationships such as these are a key component of good accounts receivable management.

Many companies understand the 80/20 rule: that 80 percent of their business typically comes from the top 20 percent of their customers. These are relationships to be cultivated and nurtured. But with the volatility of many markets and the inherent risks in doing business, there is no guarantee that your best customers will remain your best for the long haul. How do you tell if a good customer is going bad?

The Warning Signs a Good Customer Could Be Going Bad

Lines of Communication Go Silent

One of the hallmarks of a good customer is that they pay promptly and in full: they take responsibility for their own payment schedule. If they anticipate a problem, they call in to work out a solution; after all, a temporary accommodation for a valued customer is preferable to losing the customer outright, or having accounts go delinquent and damaging the customer relationship.

But when payments slow down or cease without warning or explanation, there is something wrong. If you have to contact them to get information on the status of a payment, it could be a sign that they are in trouble and are not confident that they will pull out of it in a time frame they can work with you on.A transparent business credit report can be a good way to check the payments pulse of a company. If there is a recent slowdown in payments on multiple credit lines, that could spell danger.

The Tone of Conversation Shifts

If you have enjoyed a cordial relationship with your customer, a sudden personality shift is not a good sign. If the customer is defensive, irritable, or evasive when the topic of payment comes up, something is rotten in the state of their finances, and it may be causing them strain they do not want you to see.A company under financial stress may also turn to complaints, even demanding restitution for goods or services which they had been satisfied with in the past. In general an adversarial relationship between your company and your customer is something to be avoided, but an adversarial shift from a customer with whom you have had a lasting good relationship is a big warning flag.

Gaps and Mistakes in Payment History

If you work with a company you invoice regularly, you may see that some isolated invoices begin to be neglected. This can be a delaying tactic, employed to gain the company more time to come up with funds: they can wait for you to contact them, claim the invoices were never received, ask for them to be re-sent, and then insist that they have a grace period from the date of invoice receipt rather than the original invoice issuance.

A recent business credit report can also give you an idea of whether or not the invoices for multiple accounts have mysteriously gone missing, or if it is just that your lines of communication have actually become tangled.

Another delaying tactic can be slight mistakes in payments, such as checks issued to companies with misspelled names: the time it takes your company to catch the mistake and call your customer on it can provide the customer with a little extra breathing room to scrape together funds. However, the fact that they need to rely on these falsifications indicates that their cash flow is unstable; whether or not the check goes through in the end.

Falling Credit Scores

If you have a number of companies to whom you have extended lines of credit, it is a good idea to keep an eye on their ongoing credit scores. While not all financial credit will show up as a credit alert on a business credit report, it will give you the tools to gauge the general financial health of a company. If, for example, a customer you have worked with in the past shows a trend toward longer and longer delays before payment, or a swell in the number of credit inquiries being made on them (indicating that they may be applying for lines of credit from multiple sources), it could be an early warning sign.

When a customer starts showing credit alerts, it is time to run, do not walk, to cash-only terms. The unfortunate fact is that good customer relationships do not always last forever, and it is up to your company, and its accounts receivable managment team, to monitor business credit reports and protect itself from credit lines that suddenly become high risk.


You Can Find More Information at http://Ansoniacreditdata.Com/

Call Us Today at: 1-855-267-6642


Industry credit Groups, and Why You Should Join


What is an industry credit group? It is a group of credit professionals who meet each month with the purpose of discussing the delinquent accounts of their firm: these credit professionals represent a specific industry segment. For example, in the building supply industry there are several credit groups, such as plumbing groups, electrical groups and many other groups related to construction. There is a lot to be gained from these Industry Credit Groups!


National or regional credit bureaus host the majority of the Industry Credit Groups. People who participate in these credit groups are asked to sign a no-disclosure agreement which prevents them from sharing data such as customer lists and sales numbers.


The objective of Industry Credit Groups is the sharing of information on delinquent accounts.


What Are the Advantages of Industry Credit Groups?


There are actually a few reasons why a business owner would ask their credit manager to both attend, and actively participate in, a Credit Industry Group. It is through the contribution of the credit manager to this group meeting that successful credit management within a vibrant and financially strong industry is assured.


Helping an Industry Manage Marginal Customers Is the Main Advantage of Industry Credit Groups.


Normally, sales at a profitable level can only be maintained when orders are received on credit from a certain percentage of marginal customers. Credit professionals demonstrate their real worth when selling these borderline accounts profitably. This means not only making sure receivables are in positive shape but keeping losses within acceptable levels; ensuring that slow credit is not affecting your working capital.


The real value of a Credit Industry Group is demonstrated in the management of these marginal customers. While eventual losses should be declared on the basis of sales volume, immediate losses must be avoided. Success is achieved by experience, good judgement, and knowledge; and active participation in these Industry Credit Meetings goes a long way to providing that knowledge and good judgement.


From a credit perspective, it is far more risky to have a marginal account operating in a depressed geographical area than it is for the same quality account in a prosperous area. Usual sources of credit information, like credit bureaus, do not account for this aspect; however, a great advantage of Industry Credit Groups is regional information.


Another Positive Aspect of Industry Credit Groups Refers to Long-Term Credit Evaluations.


It can happen that a customer has been declined credit in the past, but then goes on to become a major player in the marketplace. Your sales staff will fail because this customer will always remember being turned down; however, this situation can be avoided with knowledge gained from Credit Industry Groups. Credit bureau reports and trade credit references are totally inadequate for determining the future potential of a new business customer, but the information you are looking for could well be available through personal contacts made in Credit Industry Groups.


It is quite difficult to make long term credit decisions; however, when the decisions made are sound, they can be very rewarding to your business. Showing confidence in a new business customers is always appreciated, and rarely forgotten; and in years to come will cement the business loyalty of a customer .


Credit managers will soon discover that the acquaintances they make at Credit Industry Groups will be worth their weight in gold, these relationships will be high-paying dividend investments!


Do not wait any longer! Join your local, regional, or national Credit Industry Group today!



You Can Find More Information at http://Ansoniacreditdata.Com/

Call Us Today at: 1-855-267-6642


A Sample of business credit reports
found in Ansonia's database


Company Name:  HOME DEPOT INC, THE

Street Address: 2455 PACES FERRY RD SE


State/Province/Other: Georgia

Zip: 30339

Country: United States, U.S., US

Phone: 412-859-5652

Rating: Available!

Historic 25 months

Average Days To Pay: Available!

Average Outstanding Balance: Available

Total Companies Reporting Payments History: Available!

Would you like to know how HOME DEPOT INC, THE pays their bills?

Call Us Today to Get Your Complete Business Credit Report
For HOME DEPOT INC, THE at: 1-855-267-6642



Company Name:  HOME DEPOT INC, THE

Street Address: 360 W BUTTERFIELD RD STE 400


State/Province/Other: Illinois

Zip: 60126

Country: United States, U.S., US

Phone: 713-672-4115

Rating: Available!

Historic 25 months

Average Days To Pay: Available!

Average Outstanding Balance: Available

Total Companies Reporting Payments History: Available!

Would you like to know how HOME DEPOT INC, THE pays their bills?

Call Us Today to Get Your Complete Business Credit Report
For HOME DEPOT INC, THE at: 1-855-267-6642


Company Name:  JOHN DEERE & CO

Street Address: 315 N RACINE AVE


State/Province/Other: Illinois

Zip: 60607

Country: United States, U.S., US

Phone: 262-415-1750

Rating: Available!

Historic 25 months

Average Days To Pay: Available!

Average Outstanding Balance: Available

Total Companies Reporting Payments History: Available!

Would you like to know how JOHN DEERE & CO pays their bills?

Call Us Today to Get Your Complete Business Credit Report
For JOHN DEERE & CO at: 1-855-267-6642



Street Address: 6400 POPLAR AVE


State/Province/Other: Michigan

Zip: 38197

Country: United States, U.S., US

Phone: 602-415-0222

Rating: Available!

Historic 25 months

Average Days To Pay: Available!

Average Outstanding Balance: Available

Total Companies Reporting Payments History: Available!


Would you like to know how WHIRLPOOL CORP pays their bills?

Call Us Today to Get Your Complete Business Credit Report
For WHIRLPOOL CORP at: 1-855-267-6642

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